If you should describe the environment with one word, it is best to use the word ‘authentic’. In this poor farming area it seems as if time has stood still. The centuries-long struggle to make a living in this inhospitable country can still be felt today.

Only 40 kilometers away from the metropolis of Valencia, a completely different life has developed here. Wherever possible, pieces of mountain have been quarried and transformed into olive or almond groves. That battle unites is evident in the surrounding villages, of which Dos Aguas is the closest.

Here at 650 meters altitude you have a magnificent view over the lower mountains and valleys with the reservoir of the Rio Jucar “embalsa de Naranjera” as a striking point.

Coming from the village of Macastre and already ascending towards Dos Aguas you can enjoy breathtaking views. Casa Lo Es is located next to a viewpoint (un mirador) about 5 km before you reach the village of Dos Aguas.

The house is located on a private plot that covers more than 13,000 m2 of mountain. Standing on the balcony you will be surprised more than once by the ibexes that roam freely on the slopes and have chosen the lower level of Casa Lo Es to play and to have sham fights. See the video for a large group of Capricorns playing!

If you look up, you will see the ruler of the sky there. An eagle. Not far below you the bell-ringing of the flock of sheep is barely audible.

The rising and setting of the sun gives a golden glow to the mountains, creating spectacular images. As does the thunder that is accompanied by lightnings that set the whole sky ablaze, the double rainbow that then reveals itself to you and seems to hit the earth on both sides.

Avondlucht vanaf het balkon
Dubbele regenboog

It is of course not a common occurrence, but hopefully you will be one of the lucky ones who will experience this and can take it back home as an unforgettable experience.

Dos Aguas is the nearest village and has less than 400 inhabitants. Yet it has a supermarket and a bakery, both no bigger than a living room but where you can buy an incredible amount. It is as if time has stood still here. Nobody is in a hurry or is worried Macastre is 15 km downhill. Here maybe a little more shops like butcher and bakery but also here, take your time because nothing goes fast. Even sending a letter through the post office can only take one morning. Each village has its own traditional festivals, usually of ecclesiastical origin, but exuberantly colorful and with the total participation of the village.

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